School lunch is available and always offers a choice of healthy menu.

Lunch menu 2019

Lunches are free for YR, Y1 and Y2.  For other year groups the current charge is £2.10 per day, this is increasing to £2.30 in September 2017.  You may wish to provide your child with a healthy packed lunch. If your child brings a drink, please ensure that is not fizzy or in a glass bottle.

We use an ‘All Pay Cashless’ system for Dinner money (  As a result the school does not accept payment direct. Money is payable in advance online, at the post office or by telephone.  When your child joins the school they will be given information for registration. If you think you may be eligible for a free school meal, have a word with Mrs. Wood, our Secretary, or click on the tab below.

Free school meals

All children receive free fruit at break and are asked to bring a bottle of water for drinking throughout  the day.

Packed lunches

Alternavitvely, you may decide to send your child/ren into school with a packed lunch. Please read through the leaflet below whick will give you some helpful tips and advice about how to provide a healthy packed lunch for your child/ren.

healthy packed lunches