Spring science


Foxes have started their new topic, spring. As part of this, teachers from Lacon Childe Secondary School kindly offered to come and teach science to the Fox children.

The session began by discussing different seasons and the changes that we might expect to see in each.

We then read the well-known book, ‘The Gruffalo’ and looked at the change in seasons between each section. Following this, our activity was to match animal picture cards to a season from the book, depending on their habitat and preferred climate.

To finish our session, we designed our own animals for a spring season.

We thoroughly enjoyed our lesson, and thank you to the Lacon science team for making it so exciting!

Autumn Term STEM

Reception children have been investigating how to make different types of buildings and structures using a range of resources and materials. We found that wood and plastic are strong materials for building.

Sounds and Writing

We have been learning our Phase 2 sounds in Phonics over the last few weeks. The children are enjoying learning the song and action for each sound and have loved thinking of words beginning with each sound.

After each session, the children have eagerly gone to practise writing their new sound in all sorts of ways, from using chalk on the playground to forming the sounds on the interactive whiteboard.

Some of us have also been putting sounds together to make CVC words such as ‘cat’ and ‘tap’.

We will be sending sound mats home for the children to practise each sound. If you are unsure how to pronounce any of the sounds, please follow the link to a short YouTube video:

Autumn is here!

In the last few weeks we have been exploring Autumn through a range of exciting activities. During our outdoor classroom time, we looked at the trees and spoke about the changes we could see. We talked about all of the Autumnal colours. We then collected the fallen leaves to create our own Autumn crowns. They looked fantastic!


Other Autumn activities we have taken part in include, an Autumn sensory tray with Autumn leaves and animals, creating hedgehogs with leaves and painting pumpkins and squash. 

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Today cubs went into the hall and thought about the features of fiction and non-fiction books, before sorting the books into two accurate piles.