Stef Collins

The children had a visit from Stef Collins, a GB basketball player who won a silver medal at this year's Commonwealth Games.

The children learnt about Stef's journey to winning a medal and participated in a basketball session, learning new skills and techniques.

The aim was to inspire children to become more involved in sport and to have the determination to aim high in whatever they choose to do.








World Book Day

Deer class and Nursery enjoyed sharing stories on world book day 2018. 

STEM Fair at Lacon Childe

Deer Class enjoyed visiting the STEM Fair at Lacon Childe School where science-related businesses demonstrated how they use science in everyday life. They also enjoyed learning about ​planet Earth in the planetarium.​

Archery and Fencing Club Certificates

Coaches from Premier Sport came into our assembly to present certificates to the children who had joined in the after school fencing and archery clubs.  The children all participated with enthusiasm and learnt many new skills.  Special awards were given to four children for showing special talent.  Will they be stars of the future!

Year 6 Junior Police Cadets

PC Scott Smithers (Youth Engagement Officer for West Mercia Police) has been running the course with Year 6. It has been designed to develop the children’s leadership skills, promote citizenship, community awareness and an understanding of the diverse work of the police, through a range of fun and exciting activities. The sessions will focus on road and traffic safety; how the police conduct investigations; personal security; first aid and more. 

Stem- natural Structures

This week we were lucky enough to have a volunteer come in to visit our school and talk about bees. We learnt about different types of bees, as well as where and how they like to build their nests. This talk linked into our STEM topic, which was investigating structures.


On Friday 22nd September, the Year 4, 5 and 6 classes attended a fencing coaching masterclass! The children learnt how the stances required in Fencing, how to attack an opponent and how to defend. For every child, this was their first experience of Fencing (or any other alternative sport)!

“I loved the fencing session. I really want to take up Fencing as a sport now!” Year 5 pupil.

“It was really interesting learning how to defend an opponent’s attacks!” Year 4 pupil.

“I didn’t think that I would enjoy Fencing, but I loved it!” Year 6 pupil.


Mike from the Welsh Birds of Prey Centre came in to visit all the children. He brought with him a selection of birds of prey including Buzzards, Kestrels and Owls. During the demonstration, some children were able to hold the birds whilst he pointed out their key features to the rest of the school. It was a memorable experience for all and a rare opportunity to see these rare species up close.


Here are some photographs of when the ‘First Edition’ science company came to visit and of our visit up to Lacon Childe for a visit to the science fair.
Throughout our day with the First Edition team, we had to get into small groups to investigate and then create a wind turbine. We then had to test the turbines to see how much energy they gave off. The winners received prizes!
During the afternoon, we worked in teams to build a trebuchet.
For our visit to Lacon’s science fair, we were invited into a planetarium, where we got to learn about different eras, as well as the planets and solar system. Then we were able to walk around various stalls and have a look at, and participate in different scientific activities.



Luke Temple came into school to visit both KS1 and KS2. The children really enjoyed his inspiring presentations as they helped him act out sections of his stories as well as engage in some fun activities like word tennis. They also had the opportunity to ask him questions such as which books inspired him when he was younger and what his top tips are for those who want to be authors when they get older. 

It was great to see so many children talking about his books and so keen to want to read either his Ghost Island series or the Albert books.

Swimming Gala

On Wednesday 29th March, 27 children represented the school at the South Shropshire Primary Schools Gala, which was held at Ludlow Swimming Pool.
The children’s behaviour and attitude was exemplary.  We were so proud of them.  Thank you to all the parents who came to support too.
We came 3rd overall, which is a fantastic achievement.
Well done to our amazing swimming team.  


The children have recently celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite character from a book. Year 6 visited the Nursery and enjoyed reading with the younger children.