Guitar Assembly: December 2017

Mr Ashford played alongside the students learning guitar in a special assembly for parents. IT was very impressive as some children have only been playing a few weeks. 


Christmas Choir at St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow

Saturday 16th December 2017

Our incredible school choir performed at St Laurence’s Church on Saturday night to a captivated audience. Their voices filled the large church and really put us all in a Christmassy spirit.

Children in Need Nov 2017

We raised over £250 at our Clee Hill’s got Talent 2017 show which included magic acts, music renditions, marital arts, gymnastics and some incredible singing & dancing.

Greek Drama Day

On Tuesday 21st November, Class 5 worked with the Fetch Theatre Company to re-enact the story of Theseus and the Minotaur then performed in front of the school and parents/ grandparents. 

Tanzanian Visitors 13th November 2017
On Monday 13th November we welcomed Mr George Nkombe and Miss Guigat Mbura to Clee Hill Community Academy who teach near our partner school, Churwa in Tanzania.

Muslim Experience 7th November 2017
Class 5 went to the Muslim Experience, in Birmingham on 7th November 2017. We learnt so many facts about the Islamic faith including Islamic lifestyles, buildings, famous people, clothing and religious events and festivals. Their behaivour was impeccable and the children were extremely respectful.

Harvest Festival 20th October 2017
We held our Harvest Festival at St Peter's church and the Year 6 Rota Kids acted out a Harvest story to the school. The singing was beautiful. Afterwards, the produce was sold at school to raise money for the pensioner's party held later in the year.

Reading Miles French Day 18th October 2017
As part of our reading miles, we brought France to Clee Hill today by singing French songs, having french conversations, building an Eiffel Tower, finding facts about France and completing some French Art.

E-Safety Week 16th October 2017
Parents and a guest speaker joined us to celebrate all the work completed on E Safety this week. The poems, poster and plays were all great to see.